Thursday, February 16, 2006

Where is everyone??

I did anticipate a drop in my readership now that the voting for this year's JIB awards has been completed. But my goodness, it's really been down the past couple of days. And it can't be in reaction to the lack of a good posting because (a) one would have to visit the site in the first place and (b) I've had some pretty good postings this week.

I mean...with just family alone I should be getting about two dozen hits a day ;)


annabel lee said...

I RSS'd you, but it doesn't seem to be working. So I have to remember to check your site manually, since my RSS reader never shows me when you've posted.

gwheathie said...

I'm still reading -- and I'm in Israel!

Rivster said...

Hooray for GWHeathie!!! Tell your friends!

And forgive my blogging ignorance...I don't know what RSS is?

:) R

annabel lee said...

Oh, RSS stands for "really simple syndication" -- you can get something called an "RSS reader" that will tell you when your favorite blogs have been updated. There are online RSS readers like, and there are some that are separate programs that you run on your computer.

Rivster said...

Wow -- thanks AL. That is a handy little tool. I'll look into that later today. I wonder if I will enjoy it as much as I enjoy my awesome site meter?

I really enjoy your site so I'll definitely RSS you too (I feel so with it now that I know the lingo!).