Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Frozen Chosen

Is it just me or are we actually taking over the world? The world of figure skating, that is.

This is amazing.

Of the three ladies who won medals, two are Jewish. Sasha Cohen (Silver) is an MOT (member-of-the tribe).

So is Russia's Irina Slutskaya (Bronze)

Emily Hughes, who replaced Michelle Kwan on the US team, is also Jewish. [That means, of course, that her older sister, Sarah, who is the 2002 Gold medalist, is also Jewish. Sarah was the very first member of the tribe to capture a gold medal in figure skating at the 2002 Winter Olympics.]

In the ice dancing category, all three of the U.S. ice dance couples at the Olympics feature one Jewish partner.

Melissa Gregory (partnered and married to Denis Petukhov) is Jewish.

So is Jamie Silverstein (partnered with Ryan O'Meara).

So is Chicago-born Jew, Ben Agosto (partnered with Tanith Belbin, a recently naturalized Canadian) who won a Silver medal -- the first for the US in Ice Dancing in 30 years.

For the record: Though he claims to be "a little bit Jewish," Johnny Weir was was raised Catholic.

Definitely not an MOT.

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