Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Baby's Growing Up...

Three years ago today, Poppyseed was born.

"I can't believe that my babies are all grown up," I sighed.

"Don't worry, Mom," comforted Beernut, "you'll have another baby someday."

I really love that kid.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This..."

Poppyseed's First Dentist Appointment

Oy! You'd think I'd get better at this stuff with each subsequent child. Supermommy still didn't remember the digital camera to document the event. I did remember "Blankie" (her lovie), but that didn't seem to help with the traumatic announcement.

Though there was no evidence of visual decay, Dr. H declared that the thumbsucking must stop immediately. Poppyseed heard this...and dissolved into heaving sobs.
"I can't suck my Thumbie? I going to miss her!"

All day little Poppyseed's thumb would inch towards her mouth...and she would look at it and reply,
"I not sucking my Thumbie anymore 'cause...'cause...{sob}...'cause I not suck her anymore."

CarTalk with Beernut

After what must have been a frustrating day in Kindergarten, Beernut heaved himself into his carseat (quite a feat for a kid who barely weighs 41 pounds)and exclaimed,
"Mom, you shouldn't have wished for me. You wasted your wish."

And finally...

"Provided By Management For Your Safety"

A toilet seat cover to some.

But after a long day, a life saver to me.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On all other days we vote just once, but on this day we vote twice!

The reason?
Apparently, today is both the Statewide Primary as well as the city's election day. And because we have yet to streamline the voting process, city ballots need to be cast and counted separately from the county, because the City of Long Beach uses a different voting system than the county. The good news is that two ballots allowed for each of my children to cast one -- so no fighting!

This was the first year that Beernut really understood what we were doing. Poppyseed was just in it for the cookies and "I voted" stickers.

Whatever gets people to the polls...

Marking time Jewishly


It happened so fast. It was in his mouth and suddenly it was on the table.

"Mazal tov!" I exclaimed

His first baby tooth.

Beernut was so excited! That is until he noticed the blood. It really wasn't all that much blood. But Beernut has this thing about blood.

"This isn't as exciting as I thought it was going to be!!" he quivered.

A dark shadow passed over his face with the appearance of bloodspecks on his dinner.

"You know, the tooth fairy is going to visit tonight."
"What if I wake up when she tries to reach under my pillow?" Beernut worried.
"Beernut, if Daddy and I can move furniture in your room without bothering you, the tooth fairy won't have any difficulties."
"Well, maybe we should leave the tooth fairy pillow on my door handle just in case."

There isn't a prescribed blessing for a loose tooth. Perhaps because it is a natural and expected occurance. Nor is there a mitzvah involved. But to allow the moment pass unmarked seemed anti-climactic. And not very Jewish.
"Let's say our special blessing for firsts, OK? I'll do the Hebrew and..."
"I'll say amen," he interrupted.
"That's right, Sweetheart, you say amen."

And so we thank You, Dear God, for creating us, keeping us alive, and bringing us to these very special moments. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 04, 2006

You know we've made it...

when the most dramatic moment at the National Scripps Spelling Bee hinged on the correct spelling of the word 'hechsher.'

Apparently, 14 year-old Saryn Hooks from North Carolina spelled it 'hechsher' while the judges believed the correct spelling to be 'hechscher.' I guess no one told them that unless one is firmly entrenched in the world of academia, transliterating a word from Hebrew into English usually involves several options.

Good thing that the word wasn't 'chanukah!'

The Pot Making a Racial Statement

It gives a false impression, spell check does. Though it attempts to be thorough, can we really expect it to replace the eagle-eye capabilities of a careful editor?

Recently, I was most appalled to read that "fortune coolies" were to be served at a luncheon held at a Chinese restaurant.

Besides the Divine injunction against cannibalism, it's just not P.C. to refer to the hired help as coolies any longer.

In the words of my revered teacher, Dr. P, "spell check will never correct pubic library."