Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Marking time Jewishly


It happened so fast. It was in his mouth and suddenly it was on the table.

"Mazal tov!" I exclaimed

His first baby tooth.

Beernut was so excited! That is until he noticed the blood. It really wasn't all that much blood. But Beernut has this thing about blood.

"This isn't as exciting as I thought it was going to be!!" he quivered.

A dark shadow passed over his face with the appearance of bloodspecks on his dinner.

"You know, the tooth fairy is going to visit tonight."
"What if I wake up when she tries to reach under my pillow?" Beernut worried.
"Beernut, if Daddy and I can move furniture in your room without bothering you, the tooth fairy won't have any difficulties."
"Well, maybe we should leave the tooth fairy pillow on my door handle just in case."

There isn't a prescribed blessing for a loose tooth. Perhaps because it is a natural and expected occurance. Nor is there a mitzvah involved. But to allow the moment pass unmarked seemed anti-climactic. And not very Jewish.
"Let's say our special blessing for firsts, OK? I'll do the Hebrew and..."
"I'll say amen," he interrupted.
"That's right, Sweetheart, you say amen."

And so we thank You, Dear God, for creating us, keeping us alive, and bringing us to these very special moments. Posted by Picasa

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