Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Parenthood is one big Shehechiyanu

My children are growing by leaps and bounds. As much as I want to hit the 'pause' button, I rejoice in every passing day as I watch their personal and physical growth.

Last week, Beernut and I were discussing the sun and the moon. He is starting to understand that when the sun "goes down" it is actually shining on the other side of the world. He "knows where that is, Mom. That's Israel." Hooray!! Then he asked me who made God. 5 years of rabbinical school...and my heart just sunk. What to say??? "No one made God, Sweetheart. God has always been here." Silence. through that one.

"Well, is God a boy or a girl." S@*%! "God doesn't have a body so God can't be a boy like you or a girl like me. God is God. God is all the things that make boys special and all the things that makes girls special."

"Well, Mom, how did God make the world then?" he continued.

"God used His voice. Let there be light...and there was light."

His slight frame shook with determined frustration. "Are you tricking me?" he demanded. "You said God has no body. If God has no body, how could God have a voice??"

**Sigh** "I know, son, I know. It is really confusing, isn't it??"

"It sure is!"

"For grown-ups too. I can tell you that I know that there is a God more powerful than anything you can imagine. I know that God has the loudest, deepest, most amazing voice in the world because I have heard God's whisper in my heart."

"Me too, Mommy," he nodded.


Last week was also the week that Beernut asked to use the Mens' Bathroom without me. It was at the JCC and I stood right outside the door, trembling.

Not out of fear. Nothing was going to happen. And I can be sure because I did a bathroom sweep first to make certain that he would be alone!! And I stood right outside directing foot traffic to the next closest lav.

Rather, I was trembling because I caught a glimpse of the future. For a split-second, as he reassured me that he had "everything under control," I saw the man he will someday (with God's Help) become.

And I am in awe.

When he came out, I told him that we needed to say a special prayer. It was time to thank the Holy One for helping us to grow.