Monday, February 06, 2006

Did you know...

that 'recap' comes from a musical term? It does and you can thank my $80,000 music degree for that tidbit. A 'recapitulation' is the third movement of a sonata form, and a 'recap' is just a shortened form of the word.

You know me, though, so you are not surprised that there are two other definitions of 'recapitulation.' [1. a concise summary; 2. the hypothetical occurrence in an individual organism's development of successive stages resembling the series of ancestral types from which it was descended so that the ontogeny of the individual is a recapitulation of the phylogeny of its group. Hey, it pays to read a lot!!] The musical definition is actually the third definition. However, I don't exactly remember my theory professor presenting it that way...

Anyway, a recap of my awesome birthday solo-getaway starts NOW:

Hoping to leave as early as possible, I managed to tear myself from the homestead about 12:00 noon on Shabbos. It had been my intention to leave earlier and make a pit-stop [read: Barnes & Noble] on the way to the hotel. However, there were children to be bathed, dishes to be washed, and so forth. I popped the trunk, tossed in by overnight bag, cranked up Bette Midler, and set off for paradise.

To valet or not to valet? That is the question.'s only a $5.00 difference and hey, it's my birthday.

Amanda was a great help at the reception desk. Pleasant, courteous, and upon hearing the wonderful package PC had put together, upgraded my room and gave me access to the concierge Lounge.

A quick trip to the room and then down to the spa.

The hotel has recently gone under a major renovation, including the construction of a spa. I've been to quite a few spas and this one is definitely one of the nicest. It will be even better once the construction is completed!

As I put my things into the locker, I was reminded of how like a mikvah experience this was. Or at least the romanticized mikvah experience of my imagination. Having only been to mikvah twice (a future posting on this topic is necessary), I desire a more regular dunking habit. And in my dream mikvah, it would actually resemble a day spa. And why not, ladies?? Rabbis?? Any reason why it couldn't??

I took a really, really long shower -- alone. Not just alone, but uninterrupted. If you've got kids, you know why this is worth mentioning. The whirlpool wasn't ready yet. Sadness. Neither was the cold foot plunge pool. Also sadness. I've never been a fan of heat so the sauna was out. Since the steam room was a Eucalyptus steam room, I gave it a try. Too hot -- even with the ice cold wash clothes covering my face. Smelled good, though.

By the way, did I mention that I'd left my eyeglasses in the locker?

And then it was time for my treatments to begin.

First - a Lavender and Salt exfoliation. Truly, one of the best exfoliations I've ever had.

Second - a Lavender Dreams massage. Pretty fab as well.

Finally - a facial customized for my particular skin type.

Two-and-a-half hours of pure relaxation and bliss. Would I be a nicer person if someone kneaded the tension away on a regular basis?

Shockingly, I was not ready for a nap upon reaching my room. I showered, visited the Concierge Lounge for some fruit, water, and cheese, and then walked over to a local book store. Though I try not to engage in commerce on Shabbos, I couldn't imagine not curling up with a book for a long, uninterrupted stretch of reading. I selected an enjoyable-looking book (The Ivy Chronicles) and grabbed a quick bite before heading back to my room...having an ice cream cone on the walk back. Why not? It's my birthday and I didn't have any cake.

It was a really fun book. Perfect for relaxing. And then I watched a movie on TV...just because I could. Ah, this is nice.

A huge King-size bed with luxurious pillows and a down comforter. A good night's sleep. Breakfast brought on a tray with a flower and the Sunday paper. I read the whole darn thing...every section...even the Classifieds! Just because I could.

Another solitary shower (what is the third one in a 24 hour period?) and 45 minutes to style my hair. My goodness, it looks so good when I can do it without kids clinging to me.

And the mall for some Sephora-therapy. Jessica worked on me for close to three hours. An improvement? Possibly. More importantly, it was just a delight to spend quality time with myself without worrying that there was somewhere else I should be.

PC gave me the best gift without my having to tell him what I needed most of all...time to myself.

Being with someone over half my life definitely has its advantages.


Crys said...

Glad you had a good b'day weekend! Sounds like it was wonderful!! You need to update the age on your profile ;). I have to borrow that book from you sometime, and finally return the last one you lent me.

annabel lee said...

Sounds blissful. I'm glad you had such a lovely birthday.

Rivster said...

It was pretty darn awesome! And I highly recommend a spa solo-getaway :)

PepGiraffe said...

I had no idea that that was where "recap" is from. Sorry this is short, but I have to go continue packing.

Rivster said...

One of the shortcomings of a Bachelor of Music is that I didn't receive a very well-rounded education. Every once-in-a-while, however, I am pleasantly surprised at how relevant my music-heavy studies can be to real life ;)

Happy Packing!!