Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Shilshul by any other name...

I can't recall the precise origin of this word. I actually think that it might be Talmudic. I seem to remember something about an earthworm?? And maybe it originally meant "lower" before taking on its current definition of "Montezuma's Revenge?"

Whatever its etymology, it seems that PC's 10th wedding anniversary gift to me is shilshul!

Not an inspiring blog. But I think that it is interesting that different countries and cultures have such interesting terms to describe the excessive frequency and consistency of a BM, don't you?


Sheyna Galyan said...

I can't... I can't... Oh, all right, since you brought the topic up in the first place...

I don't think I will ever forget learning Masechet Berachot and getting to the point where the discussion is about Important Things to Remember When Relieving Oneself. Like: don't rush, don't strain, and my absolute favorite, don't use pebbles that someone else has already used when cleaning oneself.

First impression upon reading that: ICK!

And then a day or two later, I was in a hurry to leave the JCC after a workout. I had both kids with me, and a million errands to run before lunch. Usually I stop in at the women's room before leaving, but I had too much to do, so I didn't. And twenty minutes later... it's a good thing I know where all the public restrooms are around town.

(As the one Rabbi exclaimed, there are 20-some bath-houses between his house and the beit midrash and he has used them all!)

As I ushered the kids back to the car, I stopped for a moment and asked skyward, "Okay. I get it. Did I really have to learn that one physically, too?"

Earthworm, yes. Here's a link to a Daf Yomi with that listed, and a reference to the appropriate page:

At least if we're going to talk about shilshul, we can make it a (quasi?) religious discussion, too. ;-)

Rivster said...

As I am constantly telling my Confirmation students -- every topic is a Jewish topic!!!

I remember when I was pregnant and I seriously knew where every bathroom was between my house and shul and in the mall get the idea!!