Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy 10th!!

Is it possible that it has been 10 years since PC and I met under the chuppah?? This past Shabbos marked our 10th wedding anniversary. It was observed in our typical fashion -- extremely understated!!

In all fairness, my dear husband has been fighting a stomach thing the past several days and spent the majority of dinner in the lav. Our very kind waiter brought a class of bitters and then one of ginger ale. To no avail. Dinner was rather wasted on the dear man.

Plans for a movie were thwarted when it became obvious that any event not within a 5 yard radius of a commode would be a foolish endeavour. And so we returned to our humble abode, only to find our two darling children still awake. Beernut took just a few minutes to quiet down while his adorable sister was geared up for some serious romping around the house. PC fell asleep, leaving me to entertain our little sprite for the next hour or so.

That's OK, I reasoned. We still have tomorrow morning...

With Beernut was off to Religious School and Poppyseed happily esconced at Bubbe's house, PC and I made our way to our favourite breakfast spot. It became perfectly clear, however, that my foul mood earlier in the morning was really a precursor to the HUGE migraine that was about to entrench my entire cerebral cavity. Oy...where is my Imitrex???

Needless to say, I barely made it in the door before losing the anniversary breakfast. Took the Imitrex and retreated beneath the covers.

The upshot --

We don't need an extravagant way of marking what has been a wonderful 10 years. PC and I talked at dinner about what the past 10 years had been like for each of us...whether we'd done what we'd hoped...and things we'd like for the upcoming 10. We do hope to take a trip this year in order to celebrate the first 10 years and to relax and unwind before embarking on the next 10. The fact that it didn't happen on the exact date is just fine with us.


gerflash said...

What a difference a decade makes!

Rivster said...

How true!! Here's to the next decade...