Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I luv Jewish Boys!

I always have. When the other girls had a thing for Tom Cruise, Kirk Cameron, and Scott Baio, my head was filled with visions of Jonathan Silverman, Matthew Broderick, and Robby Benson.

I luv Jewish boys. I think that they are adorable, funny, really cute, sexy, smart, and just plain good solid folk. It's just what I'm used to, I suppose.

My dad is a nice Jewish boy. PC is definitely a nice Jewish boy. I have not one but two nice Jewish boys as brothers. And Beernut is a nice Jewish boy.

See, all nice Jewish boys.

I've just got a thing for them...

So, my latest little crush is on Andy Samberg. He's a featured player on SNL and one of the reasons that I adore him is because I'm friends with his sister. She is a very, very nice Jewish girl and since things like this tend to run in the family...well, I feel pretty confidant about this guy. Plus he's super cute!! Even though I haven't been a regular SNL viewer for years, my TiVo now records weekly in hopes of catching a Samberg sketch here and there.

How excited was I to see that his latest sketch "Chronic of Narnia" is available online? I've watched it several times and each time I think the same thing: this is a really cute Jewish boy who has been trying to break in to the business and is finally being recognized. Hooray for the nice guys!!

Then today, during my www travels, I came upon a West Coast version starring one of other favourite Jewish boys, Mark Feuerstein. He is super cute too and very, very funny in "lazy monday." This short is what he and his "posse" are calling "the West Coast response to SNL's 'Chronic of Narnia' rap." (via Annabel Lee)

Any actual point to this entry? Not really. Pure entertainment once-in-a-while isn't so bad :)


Crys said...

Adam Sandler has always been at the very top of my list!

Rivster said...

yeah...he's pretty close to the top on mine too :)

RobSPetri said...

I think I'm cuter than Adam Sandler.

Rivster said...'re not really ON my list.