Monday, July 09, 2007


It was a long day without my little man by my side. I managed to load the car in under 5 trips this morning and we dropped Beernut at camp before heading over to the pre-school. Poppyseed had asked to help drop off her little brother and was actually quite a big help. She entertained him while I was busy organizing his diapers, wipes, extra clothes, bedding, bottles, frozen milk, etc. We nursed and then it was time to let go.

Because that is really what today was all about; letting go of my baby.

When I explained to the older kids this morning (after snapping at them) that I was a bit nervous today, Poppyseed replied, "I'm nervous too."

"Really? What are you nervous about?" I asked.

"I don't want Peach to grow up yet," she replied.

I understand what she means. Peach was not only my largest baby at birth, but he weighes what Poppyseed did at her NINE MONTH checkup! Wearing 3-6 mos clothing and size 2 diapers, his journey through infancy is passing with such dizzying speed that I cannot catch my breath. "Slow down," I whisper as I watch him sleep. "Don't grow up so fast." But each child grows as he or she is meant to grow. It is selfish to wish time to slow its march.

Yet, I watch helplessly as my children grow...up...and apart from me.

Which is as it should be.

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PepGiraffe said...

Welcome back. And thanks for the pic - way cute.