Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Homework Hassles

Which one is longer: a second or a minute? Seems like an easy question, no?

Not so fast! This question was on Beernut's homework and I must be honest when I say that it stumped me.

Before you jump in and remind me that my mathematical abilities have always been on the weak side, let me inform you that this question was not on a math worksheet but on a language arts worksheet.

I don't mean to make life harder. It's just that the word 'second' and the word ' minute' have an equal amount of letters. Which means that neither is longer. They are the same.

But I am thinking that maybe I am overthinking this. Or maybe I just think differently.

Beernut answered "a minute" and I am hoping that is the answer that is being sought.

Meanwhile, is it any wonder that I took so long to complete my homework as a kid??


thethinker said...

.... I think it's a trick question, just because it feels like the answer would be too obvious.

I'd go with minute.

Rivster said...

I would have to hope that they aren't giving trick questions to FIRST graders!!!

I too was inclined to go with a minute...but Beernut ultimately chose a second and my guess is that the obvious answer here is the right one.

However, he could have made a case either way -- and this is just one reason why I anticipate he might have some difficulty with standerdized testing ;)

Rivster said...

I am sooooo tired (thanks to baby-induced sleep deprivation) that I accidentally switched the answers in my comment.

What I meant to say was that I was inclined to go with second, but Beernut ultimately chose minute.

Whew...I am off to bed!!