Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nap Girl Meets Her Match...

in Shluffy Girl!

I am not making this up. There is actually a new character who could give me a run for my money.

Yawn, I'm Shluffy Girl. Is it time for my nap yet? For a while I was having problems because I was always falling asleep: in class, on the bus and at dinner. In my book, I learn how to fit the rest of my life around my sleep schedule.

This delightful character, and her friends Noshy Boy and Schmutzy Girl, are the protagonists in Anne-Marie Baila Asner's new series. I highly recommend these short stories for children and adults alike.

When Beernut heard about Ms. Asner's latest creation, he exclaimed, "she wrote a book about you! Shluffy Girl has the same powers as you do, Nap Girl"

How cute!

And then he added, "But don't use your powers today, Mom!"

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PepGiraffe said...

Does Beernut really call you Nap Girl?