Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Confusing World

Life as a Jew can be so confusing.

In English, when we say that we have tabled an issue, we mean that we are taking it off the table and are no longer discussing it at this point.

But take a look at this:

Heniach al Hashulchan
Literally: Placed on the table
Idiomatically: Put up for discussion / Raised a motion

"Heiniach" means placed on or rested on (kelaiyim 8:8). Yes this could refer to setting up for dinner, but in the real world it is a political action and refers to tabling or raising a motion. You will usually find the phrase in the same sentence as "Chaver Knesset" (Member of Knesset). One thing is certain: When you "table" something, you bring it up for discussion (mostly with the press). In many cases, after it is tabled, it is slid along until it reaches the edge where it falls into the waste paper basket or in political jargon, sent to committee.

May your tables aways be full - with joy and health

Shana Tova

Eli Birnbaum
Director Internet Services and Public Relations
The Jewish Agency for Israel

It is no wonder that with logic like this we are all a little f'tumalt!

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