Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Frume Sarah from A-Z

Everything you wanted to know about me from a to zed, alef to tav, negative infinity to positive infinity...

Accent: I've always wanted one, but don't think I really have one. Often accused of being a Valley Girl...

Booze: Pathetically low tolerance. Kahlua and Cream reminds me of the U.N. Pub in Netanya.

Chore I Hate: Am I limited to just one?

Dogs/Cats: What about them?

Essential Electronics: Internet, cellphone, TiVo.

Favorite Perfume/Cologne: On me: Anais Anais, but still looking for new signature scent. On PC: Armani

Gold/Silver: Yes. But never together!

Hometown: Fountain Valley, CA

Insomnia: Not since Beernut was born almost 6 years ago.

Job Title: Rabbi.

Kids: Two, so far.

Living Arrangements: With my family in our little house.

Most Admired Trait: Compassionate listener.

Number of Sexual Partners: One!

Overnight Hospital Stays: Six.

Phobia: Heights

Quote: People consider faith a minor thing, but I consider it very, very important(Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav).

Religion: Jewish.

Siblings: Younger sister, two younger brothers (and one sister-in-law).

Time I usually wake up: 9:30am if left to my own devices. 6:05am now that Beernut is in grade school.

Unusual Talent: They're all pretty usual.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: It would be faster just to name the few I do eat.

Worst Habit: Eating habits (see above!)

X-Rays: Back, stomach, ankles, knees -- a whole bunch.

Yummy Foods I make: Spaghetti sauce, lamb chops, artichoke dip, Toll House Pie.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Want to play? Consider yourself tagged. This is a long one, though, so I'm not putting anyone on the spot this time.


annabel lee said...

Hey, cool! Thanks for playing. :)

And also - your column the Jewish Journal was incredibly powerful. And I echo your prayer for peace.

Rivster said...

Thanks! Stay tuned for more reflections on what was a tremendous experience and ways that we can continue to help the people of Darfur.

:) R