Monday, November 22, 2004

Greetings & Salutations

Apparently it is now possible to be a writer without publishing one's work!!! I keep a diary, but somehow it just seems more REAL if someone else is able to read my often disjointed, but usually entertaining thoughts. And my musings should be somewhat interesting b/c I have an interesting life. I am a rabbi by calling, a mother by blessing, a wife by lucky fate (more on this at a later time), a sister, daughter, friend, etc. So my days and nights are busy and my life is very full! Is it not rather chutzpadic to assume that anyone will be interested?

Do you recognize the title? It is from "Charlotte's Web," written by long-time New Yorker columnist E.B. White, in case you don't have that tidbit at your fingertips. It so happens that he was mostly known for his columns and less for his outstanding Children's Lit -- though as a child, this fact did not impress me. And after years, I have finally discovered (thanks to my dear friend Dr. M) the antonym of 'salutation' is 'valediction.' On that note, I bid you adieu...

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PepGiraffe said...

Valediction? Ah, if only Charlotte had mentioned that was the antonym to Salutation, than I am sure that Wilbur would not have been the least bit flummoxed. I condone obfuscation. (mostly because I'm a snot)